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Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids, Computer Glasses, TR90 Frame, Blue Light Filter PC Glasses for Blocking UV, Children Glasses Gaming Eyewear, Anti Glare for Phones TV Video Gaming Teenager


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Color: Orange-green


  • ? BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING LENS ►Provide 100% UV400 protection blue light blocking. Blue light penetrates your kid’s eye all the way to the retina when kids using a computer, iPad, or smartphone. LHSDMOAT glasses can cut 99% of the blue light, effectively block ultraviolet radiation, filter harmful blue light from entering eyes and mitigate damage that will cause problems later in life, protect your children’s eyesight.

  • ? SAFETY SILICONE FRAME ►TPEE rubber flexible square frame, soft material, good quality, double-layered lens, true version, and true color. All accessories and materials do not contain lead, bisphenol A and other harmful substances. Quality and safety are guaranteed, please be assured use.

  • ? PROTECT YOUR KIDS EYES ►Digital screen can emit bright blue light that causes eye strain even dizziness, using LHSDMOAT blue light lenses will reduce eye strain. If your kids use computers regularly or read a book to prevent myopia astigmatism and strabismus, please choose LHSDMOAT glasses, don’t let cheap and inferior glasses hurt your kid’s eyes.

  • ? CHILDREN’S FAVORITE COLOR DESIGN ►The color is specially designed for children so that your child can get the best experience on any occasion. The childlike color is suitable for 3-12 years old. The color matches the character color of the children, it is the idea of making the best gift for the children, believe your child will like it very much.

  • ? PROVIDE BEST PRODUCT AND CUSTOMER SERVICE ►In case any accident of the shipping or unexpected damage happened to these glasses. Please contact us without hesitation to solve the problem until satisfaction, you have no risks to try. And we will provide the best product and customer service to you.

Details: Do blue-light glasses work?
Many adults ask themselves this question to find out if blue-light blockers are worth buying. However, what you may not realize is that kids are just as exposed to blue light as we are, and they need eye protection, too.

So, how do blue-light glasses work for kids?

What are blue-light glasses for kids?
Blue light is a high-energy lightwave that is found in sunlight and digital screens. Most children use their smartphones and tablets for more than three hours a day, and with that high exposure to blue light comes symptoms of computer vision syndrome, such as double vision and dry eyes.

While there is no evidence that blue light can cause permanent eye damage, reducing your child’s exposure can help ease digital eye strain. For this reason, Pro Acme offers blue-light lenses that prevent blue light from entering your child’s eyes through electronic devices and environmental sources.
We call these lenses Blue Protect, and they are available on most of our glasses.

Let your kids learn by themself and enjoy the learning word
❤️1.Blue Light Protection – Say goodbye to eyestrain & headaches
❤️2.UV400 + Blue ray blockers – All-day protection from blue light and UV light.
❤️3.Clear lens — The lens was made of a fully transparent base, without adding any pigment, while maintaining high light transmittance. Less reflective, no affect reading, and almost no color difference
❤️4.Fashion TR 90 Frames- Can be twisted at will, can withstand strong impact

1*Blue Light Glasses
1*Cleaning Cloth
1*Stylish EVA glasses box
1*Blue light test light
1*Blu-ray test card


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