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Night Driving Clip on Glasses HD Night Vision Blue Light Blocking Photochromic Polarized Driving Computer Game Clip on Glasses UV Protection


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Brand: AoHeng

Color: Non Flip(37mm)high


  • 【 Suitable for most glasses】 Glasses clip heights are 37mm,40mm,44mm and 49mm.Glasses overall frame height ≤35mm, choose 37mm high lens. Glasses overall frame height ≤38mm,choose 40mm high lens. Glasses overall frame height ≤42mm,choose 44mm high lens.Very Large frame glasses choose 49mm lens.❤There are very few glasses that are not suitable.If it is not suitable, be sure to contact AoHeng.We will mail you a clip suitable for your glasses for free.
  • ❤AoHeng represents the industry’s top manufacturing and top solutions.The clips are provided with a 1-year warranty.During normal use,if there are any quality problems,we will provide free shipping of new products to our customers.The new products will continue to be guaranteed for 1 years.

Details: Thank you for visiting AoHeng AoHeng sunglasses-Black(Latest Release) From design,quality and lens experience to comprehensively enhance the quality experience customers need. 1.Use the best 1.1mm Polaroid polarized lens,the most durable, anti-glare,and anti-uv400 effect is the best. 2.Design and quality improvement,please see the picture comparison analysis. AoHeng night driving computer game photochromic glasses-Amber This innovative product is dedicated to eliminating yellow night vision glasses that worsen vision. Here we explain with a simple description that the customer must think is correct 1.No one really likes the yellow world,because we are only used to the real world 2.No one really likes yellow glare,because yellow glare is more dazzling 3.More professional description,please see the main product picture. AoHeng’s night vision glasses made these efforts for our customers’experience 1.Use photochromic amber lenses to completely solve the problem of high chromatic aberration of yellow night vision glasses,restore the true colors of the world, and bring our customers the most real night vision experience and the best visual experience. 2.Add professional anti-blue light function to solve the invisible hazard of high-energy blue light in automotive LED headlights,bringing our customers first-class eye fatigue relief. 3.High light transmittance ensures safe driving vision and greatly reduces the dazzling glare of car headlights. 4.Since we have restored the true colors of the world,you can have the most professional anti-blue light glasses with the best anti-glare experience. 5.At the same time,you can have ordinary photochromic glasses to solve the problem that sunglasses are not very suitable for cloudy and low solar weather. Use facts to prove that yellow night vision glasses are garbage.Please see the picture comparative analysis


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