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Read Optics Gold Frame Pocket Glasses in Hard Travel Case +1.0 to 3.5: Patented Mens/Womens Portable Folding Readers Spectacles with Collapsing Telescopic Arms and Premium Difuzer Reading Lenses


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Brand: Read Optics

Color: Gold – Full Frame


  • ✅ ULTRA COMPACT FOLDABLE POCKET SIZE: Keep these discreet reading glasses in your pocket or handbag until you need them. Super easy to take out, unfold into full sized glasses and foldaway again in moments. Protected from crushing and scratching in a free slim felt lined hard case with magnetic flip-top matt rosewood exterior. Perfect for travel, reading product labels, menus, or as a standby
  • ✅ HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL & 138° SPRING HINGES: Comfortable ultra lightweight yet strong and durable metal spectacles. Precision engineered collapsible frame guaranteed to always fold up smoothly. Unisex Gold specs plus mini tube case with magnetic flip-top
  • ✅ PREMIUM Difuzer ANTI-GLARE, SCRATCH-RESISTANT, UV BLOCKING LENSES: Expertly cut and polished on optical quality lens machines. Specially designed for reading & close up work. Thin, light, high clarity, non smudge, shatter-proof. 50x more impact resistant than glass. Meet BS EN 14139:2010 spec. Magnifying strength / diopter: +1.00, 1.50, 2.00, 2.50, 3.00, 3.50
  • ✅ IDEAL TRAVEL | EMERGENCY | HOLIDAY READERS: Discreet, practical and convenient – fit easily into trouser, shirt or jacket pockets and the smallest handbags, or keep as spares in the car for when you forget your regular pair
  • ✅ NO RISK – LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Read Optics glasses are manufactured to the highest standards and backed with a lifetime warranty. We are a British company with friendly UK based customer service happy to assist you (office hours). In the unlikely event there’s a problem with your glasses, just contact us and we’ll make it right.

Details: Buy With Confidence From Read Optics

High Quality Ultra Compact Folding Reading Glasses. Perfect for discreetly slipping into your pocket or purse, ready to come to your aid whenever needed.

Have you ever picked up an item in the supermarket and struggled to read the label because you hate carrying your bulky glasses around? Or been unable to see the menu clearly in a softly lit restaurant?

Not any more.

It takes but a few seconds to remove your folding glasses from their protective flip-top hard case, unfold and pop them on. Quality manufacture ensures a smooth folding action that makes them easy for anyone to use.

In addition to their convenience, these compact foldaways make great travel glasses. Take them with you when you go on holiday and leave your regular pair at home safe from loss or damage.

Manufactured with a strong but lightweight rust-resistant stainless steel arms and bridge, the glasses are both comfortable and durable. Telescopic arms not only allow for an ultra compact fold from full adult glasses to matchbox size, but also help ensure a perfect fit.

The rectangular optical quality glass lenses are shatter proof and conform to BS EN 14139:2010. with magnification strengths: x1.0, x1.5, x2.0, x2.5

The included rosewood effect hard case is both stylish and strong. It keeps your glasses safe from scratches, squashing and other accidents.

Style: Full framed Glasses with a Gold Finish, Brown Tips for Men and Women.

Note that ready-to-wear reading glasses are different from tailor made prescription spectacles and are not designed to correct sight problems such as long or short sightedness.

About Us

Read Optics is a retailer of genuine, safe optical quality non prescription reading glasses. Our glasses are stylish and affordable, do not harm your eyes and include superior customer service.


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