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100% Real Leather Brown Handmade Spectacles Glasses Lanyard Cord


Brand: VITO

Color: Brown


  • QUALITY ADVANTAGE : Join the 2000+ enjoying our Spectacle Cords!
  • ANTI-SLIP RUBBER GRIPS – Tired of your old spectacle cords becoming loose over time? Our Rubber Grips have been specifically designed & tested to ensure this does not happen so your glasses will not fall off!
  • HIGH QUALITY LEATHER – You get what you pay for! We use only the highest quality materials for our glasses chains including Full-Grain Leather, Electroplated Copper & Premium Rubber Grips
  • Suitable for those on the move, our spectacle chains(Length ~ 70cm) are perfect to keep your Reading Glasses & Sunglasses close at hand – They are compatible with ALL spectacle types
  • 100% Genuine Leather – gets better with age, can be treated & polished

Details: High Quality Braided Leather Spectacle Cord
Beautifully Handcrafted 100% Real Leather Braided Lanyard. It is perfect to use in a working environment to keep spectacles close by or for those who have reading glasses. 
Perfect as a gift!
Product Details

Condition: New
Quantity: 1
Gender: Unisex
Cord Material: 100% Genuine Full-Grain Leather
End Material: Electroplated Copper & Premium Quality Rubber Grips
Length: Approx. 70cm
Diameter: Approx 3mm



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